Making an appointment

Every year the Patient Participation Group conducts a Speedy Survey and over a two week period last year 1029 patients completed questionnaires. The survey highlighted considerable dissatisfaction with the appointments system.

The practice manager has: introduced software to closely monitor appointments; allocates extra appointments during busy days; flexibly reallocates types of appointment; and has gathered information that has persauded the GP partners to appoint an additional full time doctor.  We now want to closely monitor the situation to see if improvements have been made.

Please let us know your experience of making an appointment.
If none of the options apply please describe your experience by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page in the Leave a Reply box.

12 thoughts on “Making an appointment

  1. I was informed that my doctor wanted to see me. I was unable to make an appointment with him so I don’t know what will happen now.

    • Thanks for your feedback. Our current survey taking place in the practice shows you are not alone in having this problem. I will see the practice manger tomorrow and we will start a new topic on this issue which I hope will include her comments.

      • I understand that this has now been sorted and was due to a misunderstanding. All such pre-bookable appointments were taken but the staff still had the ability to convert available telephone appointment slots into a face to face appointment in these special circumstances. The system has been reviewed, staff have been briefed, and the patient handbook updated. Thank you for your feedback.

  2. I have had situations where I have made separate appointments particularly for the clinic nurses with the reception that could have been dealt with in one visit as confirmed later by the nurse, which would save everyone’s time

  3. I find the wait times and communication of results for blood tests unacceptable. The doctor requested I have a blood test in March, initially the wait was a week which is acceptable. However when I rang up for the results I was told I needed another one this time the wait was three weeks. This is a considerable amount of time in my eyes. After I had this one done I range for the results and again was told I needed another one, again the wait was three weeks. I had my third blood test last week. So from originally seeing the doctor in March the problem is only getting solved now in May, nearly June and that’s even with me taking the next available appointment. Additionally when I rang up for my third repeat I was told I needed another one, why does the doctor not look and see that I have already had three? I can’t keep coming into the practice for blood tests, you need to draw a line. The doctor reviewing them needs to look at how many repeats the patient has already had. Understandably when I was told this I refused and hope to be able to see a doctor this week so they can explain why so many repeats have been required. But wanting a fourth repeat is not acceptable.

      • I have spoken to the Practice Manager and she says “The tests would need repeating if the results were slightly abnormal which is quite common”. But without knowing the patient she would be guessing. Can you please contact the Practice Manager so that she can investigate further?

  4. I rang to say to get an appointment for my 3 year old as the health visitor recommended me to. I started to ring at 8am… 23 redial later at 10 past 8 all the appointment had gone. The woman who I spoke was very rude and thought she was god like giving the appointments out. Funny how your website says you 50% of appointments to give out that day and they had all gone by 10 past 8?!?!?! I’ve been with eastham since I was born but the way it’s going now I’m thinking of leaving due to snotty behaviour off the reception staff.

    • Thankyou for your feedback. This is a very disappointing experience. The receptionists have undergone recent training and the PPG will raise your experience with the manager at our next meeting and check that this particular receptionist has been properly trained and was not a temporary stand in.

      It is usual for the receptionist to arrange for a child of that age to see the duty doctor particularly if you have been referred by another health professional and the matter is urgent.

  5. I think your staff need training in how to talk to patients. Never in my life I have a spoke to anyone on the phone as rude as your staff!

  6. You have contacted the patient group. We will certainly pass on your comment to the Practice Manager at our next meeting. Could you be more specific regarding what it was that upset you as this would help target the training.

    Thanks for contacting us.

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